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Wealth, collaboration, and strategy for entrepreneurs.


Helping business owners succeed.

Conversation Between Colleagues

SME Business Services

Accounting, fractional CFO, bookkeeping, business systems, strategy, mergers and aquisitions for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and their strategic partners. From neighbourhood side-hustles to global trade, we use credex to provide core services required by every successful small and mid-sized business anywhere.

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Credex Ecosystem

Our services are based on the wealth-building capacities and network accessible through your credex account, including the power to easily sidestep inflation.

This patent-pending multi-denominational accounting protocol is explained in the Trust Again handbook.


Funding & Investments

Financing, loans, investments, diversification, and the growth of capital.


We use the credex ecosystem to connect the owners of every type of capital directly with the entrepreneurs who can put it to the most productive use, generating growth, mutual benefit, and network wealth.


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Ryan Watson

Strategist, communicator, entrepreneur, writer, mystic, investor, sovereigntist.

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Business Development

Shannon Teranishi

Building, solidifying and executing new concepts and strategies.

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Customer Onboarding & Success

Jamie Reinhardt

Sales-focused international entrepreneur.

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Senior Engineer

Chris Martin

Fullstack web development, systems design, project management.

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Senior Engineer

Ryan Tomaselli

Builds powerful back ends that drive snappy front ends. Problem-solving, teamwork, and well structured apps.

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Branding & Events

Mariah Pelley-Smith

Brand architect and business strategist.

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